Netflix drops profanity-filled 'History of Swear Words' trailer with Nicolas Cage thumbnail

Netflix drops profanity-filled ‘History of Swear Words’ trailer with Nicolas Cage

By Kellen Beck

So-called “swear words” are such an interesting facet of human language, deemed “bad” for one reason or another. With History of Swear Words, hosted by the ever-electric Nicolas Cage, Netflix is digging into these words’ pasts and how they came to be what they are today.

In the first trailer for the new series, there is plenty of swearing but also a sneak peak at some of the interesting facts that will be shared about everyone’s favorite words and some thoughtful insight into their usage, why some people react to them negatively, and how swearing can actually be helpful to people.

History of Swear Words will be dropping F-bombs on Netflix on Jan. 5.

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