Report: Big Ten may still not play this fall

The ACC is in. The SEC is in. The Big 10 may be out.

Via Pat Forde of, the Big 10 has advised its members that the league possibly will play no football games this fall.

A decision on whether to start training camp in time is expected to be made in the next five days. Forde describes it as a “fluid situation.”

Frankly, it appears that the ACC and SEC have opted for a damn-the-torpedoes approach, while the Big 10 is moving more cautiously. College football in the current pandemic raises plenty of questions regarding, for example, whether it’s appropriate to add the risk of catching and/or transmitting the virus to family members to unpaid players and whether it’s proper to utilize testing resources that could be used by the local citizenry.

Hovering over the question of college football is the question of whether the traditional college model of in-person classes and on-campus residence should even be pursued in the current climate, given the reality that young people can easily find a supposed voice of semi-plausible authority to endorse the self-centered YOLO/FOMO vibe that has contributed to the spread of a virus that has killed more than 150,000 Americans, and counting.

Report: Big Ten may still not play this fall originally appeared on Pro Football Talk

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